Brochure sites

Brochure sites

are ideal if you need

a website

which is rarely, if ever, changed. These make great

business websites

because I sort out everything for you, you don’t need any computer equipment of your own and don’t need to worry about managing the site after it goes live.

Key points

  1. Ideal if you wont need to update your site very often. If you expect to need to make frequent updates then a cms or e-commerce site may be better for you.
  2. simple web design

    makes brochure sites the best option if you have a tight budget.
  3. brochure websites make excellent

    small company websites.

  4. Free consultation at all stages of the design process.
  5. Domain name and hosting setup and managed for you, you don't need any equipment to have a brochure site.
  6. Free E-mail addresses
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